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Random Initial Thoughts

February 19, 2006 by · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

This blog was set up as part of the PETE & C Conference in Hershey, PA

I’ll just post some random thoughts based on what I’m hearing and seeing during this workshop. First, let me tell you what this workshop is all about.

The conference materials call it “Leadership for Technology Directors & Coordinators and GTO Participants.”  I signed up when a colleague suggested the value of the session after he went to last year’s “Getting to One” (GTO) seminar.  I was told there would be some excellent handouts and prizes.  How bad could this be, right?

Let’s hope the freebies are good enough to convince my wife I did the right thing, having used a 3 day weekend to attend a tech conference instead of enjoying time at home with the family.

This preconference workshop  is being conducted by David Warlick.

Handouts for the session are actually all electronic: http://handouts.davidwarlick.com

These are random thoughts I’ve had over the past 7 hours.  Some are things I overheard or read on other blogs.  I’ll try to post some direct links when the wi-fi gets turned back on.

this may be an improved method for teacher web pages.

No need for MS FP.

Access from home/work/etc.

Student & teacher access…semi-controlled environment.

class blogmeister can be used to set up classroom blogs. classrooms can be closed to outside users who do not have the appropriate password.

articles can be set to req. teacher approval.

each teacher using a blog to upload their weekly lesson plans.

each principal use an aggregator to see the updated lesson plans

other teachers could subscribe to dept. member blogs and see what is going on.

cross-curricular studies available on-demand

….maybe podcast the lecture portion of a class?

Does this mean I can justify buying myself an iPod?

people I met & talked with today:

Craig Ownes, from Montrose

Chip DeWolfe, from North Pocono

Hello world!

February 19, 2006 by · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

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